What our parents say

Thank you for every kind word

All parents want the best for their child and after canvassing several creches in our area, we chose Little Stars Ruimsig. As a “small” facility, each child receives personal attention and the staff are very involved with the kids. In choosing a creche, it was important for us that our son was not just a number, but that his individual needs be met. Little Stars went above and beyond our expectations. Special requests made to the staff was always followed thru and nothing was too much trouble.

Their sincere interest in each child is heart warming. We received constant feedback  – whether it was related to educational development / progress or that he did not want to finish his lunch!

Little Stars became an extension of our family – an environment where we could leave our son with the knowledge that he would be loved, stimulated and cared for when we were at work. Our son attended Little Stars for 2½ years and was well-prepared for the move to his “big school”. 

Based on our positive experience, I would recommend Little Stars to any parent. – Stephanie Erasmus

I am so thrilled that I have found a nursery school where I feel that my children are so well cared for and loved!  Words cannot express the thank you that my family has for each and every Little Stars teacher and staff person that has been a part of our family for almost 6 years now.  Lindy Crous and the caring staff at this centre carry out their responsibilities in caring, nurturing and education the children to a standard of excellence that I feel would not be easily found within the childcare industry.  They work so hard and still have huge smiles at the end of the day!

Children are treated, without exception, with kindness and respect, each child is made to feel so valued and important.  As a parent, I have always found the lines of communication between the staff at Little Stars and myself open at all times.  Both my children have gained so much confidence during their time with Lindy and the lovely teachers.  It is so wonderful to see them growing in confidence and I attribute much of this development to the way they are cared for and taught while at Little Stars.

I know my kids are in excellent hands and would recommend Little Stars Nursery School in the highest of terms. – Riana Slabber

When it was time for my youngest to start pre-school I did my homework and still wasn’t happy. A friend told me about Little Stars. I bombarded Lindy with questions and she answered each one patiently. I liked the way they do everything according to the “book” i.e. what is the best for the individual child. Great meals, entertaining toys & playground and fantastic staff…and enough love for all. They are not only teachers but friends. I will recommend Little Stars to anyone!! – Sharon

Both of my daughters have attended Little Stars Nursery School and have loved it! My eldest has moved on to “big school” and I found that she was well prepared socially, mentally and emotionally. We are truely grateful for the teaching and guidance at Little Stars.

My youngest daughter is Down Syndrome and was welcomed with loving arms. The school emphasises the ‘learning through play’ philosophy, which works so well with our family. It is so important for children to stay children and learn in a comfortable setting where they can become  confident in their own way. The teachers and staff have been so supportive, truly caring and very patient with Giselle. She is growing in leaps and bounds everyday. We would highly recommend Little Stars Nursery School! – Bronwyn Heunes